Spondyville's 2011
Praise-a-Doc Awards

This year’s winners of the Golden Halo Praise-a-Doc award are:

Dr. Christopher Adams, Opelika AL

The person nominating him had this to say: 
“He always has a smile, he NEVER rushes to get me out …  He listens to me and then takes the time to respond adequately.  He doesn’t treat me like I don’t know anything; instead, he asks me if I understand or have questions about what he says.  Then, he allows me to respond.  He answers all of my questions and makes sure that I am given a chance to give my input about my treatment.

When I needed FMLA paperwork filled out, he did it while he was in the room with me.  We discussed the information, how I was feeling, and where my disease is at this time.  Then he completed the forms and he made sure to do it correctly so it left no doubt that I needed FMLA in my job in order to be able to continue working around this disease.  Not only that, but he also followed up to make sure I got the FMLA approved. … Without him I would be in constant, unbearable pain.  He is a God-send.  I would hate to have to deal with this disease without him.

And an anonymous General Practitioner we’ll call Dr. S.

The person nominating him had this to say: 
“Dr. S. tried everything he could to get a Rheumy to take me on. He kept saying that I had some kind of "inflammatory arthritis" for at least the last 20 years. There has never been more then one Rheumy in our area of three counties. My GP would treat me with NSAIDS, Prednisone and pain meds to keep me going until a new younger Rheumy came to town who promptly put me on Humira. My GP would sit and take all the time I needed as he explained things to me. He even explained my UC better then my GI did.
Dr. S knows our entire family. He has treated our girls ever since they were toddlers.”

There are three area in which the doctors are judged:

1) Bedside manner,
2) Patient support and information 
3) A Lifetime of Wisdom
(In other words, no Hippocratic Oafs need apply!)

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