Solidarity about raising AS awareness goes World-wide!

There are over 33 million people
with Spondylitis in the world,
Isn't it time we joined together and collectively made our voices heard?

Any disease that affects that many people world-wide, should be more widely recognized.  Let's show the rest of the world just how many of us there really are!

Here's how we begin:   
The Project

Check out our introductory Youtube video:


The World AS Day Video
has been uploaded to Youtube:
                          The T-Shirts: 
The t-shirts are on sale at the GASP Cafe Press store:


The proceeds from sales in the U.S. will go to the Spondylitis Association of America.  Cafe Press does ship internationally, so people outside the U.S. can purchase their t-shirts there.  It might be quicker, however, for AS societies outside of the U.S. to use the Fusing Together images to manufacture their own t-shirts, keeping the proceeds for themselves. They are also free to incorporate their own logos onto the shirts and translate the words into their own language(s).
(I've included some images below with the slogan translated into some other languages.)

For those that feel they can't afford the price of the t-shirts, GASP will set up a member-to-member exchange to enable people to give a gift of a t-shirt to those that can not afford to purchase them on their own.  If you want to remain anonymous in either your request or your donation, please feel free to email me at:

This member-to-member exchange will operate out of the GASP Facebook page:

Photos can be either posted on the GASP Facebook page or sent by email to: Spenser23@aol.com.

Videos, please send to


   Translated into other languages the logo looks like this:

So? Interested in changing the world? 
Raising Spondylitis Awareness Goes Global!
And YOU can be a part of it!!
Here's where you can buy Fusing Together t-shirts: 
UPDATE!!  I am pleased to announce that Jennifer Dye Visscher, founder of the TheFeedingEdge.com website, and creator of the Apple a Day for AS Awareness project, has agreed to contribute a special collage to GASP's "Fusing Together" campaign.

The photos of people with AS from around the world will now not only be put together into a visual demonstration of how prevalent AS is world-wide, but through Jennifer's artistry, will be transformed into a work of art, further emphasizing the campaign's theme that "33 million people world-wide are Fusing Together."

Thanks Jennifer!
The first pictures have begun to come in!!
Stiffy the Snowspondy -
Spondyville, USA
Tom C. - New York, USA
Michael Smith (Spenser23)
New York, USA
Sherre - Alabama, USA
Rich M.- 
Nicci - CO, USA
Deana - San Diego, USA
Patrick - Marseilles, France
Kathryn - Phoenix, AZ by day.
... and Kathryn at night.
Ron - Manitoba, Canada
Melissa -
Andrew - New York City
Christine - Texas
Stacia - Illinois
Hedy - California
Keep sending in your photos!!