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"The Spondyville Virtual Walk is a kind of sampler; a stroll through some of the streets of our little town that, we hope, will give you both a taste of what our town is all about and, through humor, help you to explain to friends and family just what it means to have Ankylosing Spondylitis. The impact of this disease can be overwhelming and our friends and family, even when trying to be supportive, will not always understand the full impact that having AS can have on our lives .  Hopefully, this virtual walk will help put things into some perspective for them."  - Michael Smith
< Look for this Violet Button at each stop on the Virtual Walk.
To begin the Virtual Walk,
simply click on the first link below.
          The Stops on the Virtual Walk
(Click on the corresponding flower button to the left of each Stop.)
1)  The Pharoah's Obelisk
2)  The T-BONED Clubhouse
3)  Speedo Spondy's Gym
4)  SpondyChef
5)  Back-Breakers
6)  Place-C-Bo's
7)  Brogna Field
8)  NSAID-a-Go-Go
9)  Whack-a-Doc
10) Founding Fathers
Music: "You Might Get Better"  Henry "Red" Allen and Orchestra - 1929