Male chauvinist wingnut, Rocco Stenosis has announced that the Spondyville chapter of the He-Man TBONED Society will have their monthly meeting this Saturday at noon at their clubhouse (shown above), which is across the street and behind the dumpster from the Elks Lodge on Rte 3, next to the Slow-E-Mart.  Mr. Stenosis formed the He-man TBONED Society, (which stands for Take Back Our Nasty, Egregious Disease), in response to the many women that are now being diagnosed with AS.  Mr. Stenosis, maintains (incorrectly) that AS is, and always will be a "Man's Disease" and that all the girls should go back to the Fibromyalgia wards and learn how to cook and do yoga. Naturally, the mayor, the town council, and, in fact, most of the rest of the town, find Rocco's 'theories' about AS completely old-fashioned, out-dated, mis-guided and, in a word, simply wrong. Nevertheless, Rocco and the rest of the T-Boners are planning a stag party next week to celebrate April is "Man's Disease" Awareness Month.
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There are a number of myths about AS. This is probably the most common.  For many years, AS was considered a "man's disease" and women with AS were told they couldn't have it, not because they didn't have all the symptoms, but simply because AS was a "man's disease".  Fortunately, we now know that both men AND women get AS.

More about women and AS, and myths about AS:

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