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Congratulations!!  The judges have made their decisions! 
Winners will be contacted by email.  Thanks to all for participating!!
(Winning entries have a blue ribbon next to them.)
Our esteemed, blue ribbon panel of judges: Spondyvillea artists, Anna West, Jennifer Dye Visscher and Susan Gauthier along with Spondyville's celebrated patron of the Arts, Marie Strumpell.
The eligible entries are posted in alphabetical order.
Amber Panagos
Category One (Tie)
Amber Panagos' daughter, Olivia
Category Three
Aqsa Rajput
Carlene Piercy's niece
Category Two
Christina James' daughter Maddie
Category One - (Tie)
Christina Jame's daughter Becca
Artist:  Cookie
Nicci Sanville #1
Nicci Sanville #2
Susan W. Dye
Thank you for your submissions,
they are ALL wonderful!
Here are the rules for the Spondyville Draw a Snowspondy Contest!

The Challenge:  To draw a picture of one (or both) of Spondyville's two favorite Snowspondys; Stiffy and his twin brother, Spiffy.  If you are unfamiliar with Snowspondys, you can learn more about them here: 

You can also follow Stiffy and Spiffy's travels around the world here:

All drawings submitted must be original and authentic and not drawn from other source material.  Entries should be scanned and submitted in either JPEG (jpg) or GIF formats and posted on the
Spondyville Facebook page or sent to: Spenser23@aol.com. The contest runs from September 1st until October 15th and drawings may be submitted up until 11:59 PM Eastern time on October 15th.  Prizes will be given to one entry from each age category.  The contest will be held in three age categories;  Ages 2-9, 10-22 and 23-123.  Drawings may be submitted by anyone who can pronounce Ankylosing Spondylitis or knows someone that can pronounce Ankylosing Spondylitis.   Drawings will be judged on their style and artistic value by a blue ribbon panel of judges.  All entries become the property of Spondyville.  One Grand Prize will be awarded in each category.  Grand Prize winners may chose any item from the Spondyville Cafe Press store.

                  See you NEXT Year for our 2nd Annual Draw the Snowspondy Contest!