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Artist:  Jennifer Dye Visscher
Artist: Susan Gauthier
Artist:  Unknown
Artist: Michael Smith (age 5)
Snowspondys have been featured in a lot of Art down through the centuries.  Here are a few examples:
In the 1920's, when this cave painting was found, it was generally assumed that the figure on the left was a polar bear that had mysteriously wandered down to France. Today we know that this is actually a drawing of a Snowspondy, done over 6,000 years ago.
Of course, Snowspondys were not the only Spondys to be drawn on cave walls. Here are some other Spondys immortalized many thousands of years ago.
Snowspondys have been featured in drawings for thousands of years. Here's a newly discovered image from a wall painting in one of the tombs in the Valley of the Kings.  It depicts a Pharoah giving a young Snowspondy his blessing.  Note the symbolism in the drawing; The large eye in the upper quadrant most likely stands for an Iritis flareup, probably the reason the Snowspondy was being blessed. In addition the attendant (on the right) pays homage to the watery origins of Snowspondys through the symbolic water being poured which is then absorbed into the Snowspondy's body.
Nudity? Sorry DaVinci, Not on this web-site!
It was only after the most recent cleaning, that this remarkable drawing of a Snowspondy was revealed, peeking out from behind one of the militia-men in Rembrandt's Night Watch.
This painting attributed to a G. Seurat must have taken a very LONG time to paint.
Snowspondys were often used as models for preliminary drawings by the impressionists, since Snowspondys having had experience with Iritis, knew what it was like to see things slightly out of focus. Here, a young Snowspondy poses on a bridge for someone going by the name of Monet.
Surreal is as Surreal does ... 'The Persistence of Snowspondys' by S. Dali.
From the American Folk Art tradition; a 'sampler' sewn by a young girl, Patience Thruitt, who was one of the early settlers of Spondyville. Miss Thruitt lived to the ripe old age of 101, and was well-known around town for running a boarding house for many years, as well as teaching music at what later became Uriah Stoop middle school. She is also remembered for her generous donation of the Gazebo in Fuselot Park.
Artist Jennifer Dye Visscher found this striking example of Snowspondy art in a small thrift shop in Maine.  Experts have had problems reading the signature, but due to the style, some assume it to be a Picasso, done during his brief 'magic marker' period.
In the '60's Pop Art world, Roy Lichtenstein imitators were everywhere. Here's a piece of Snowspondy Pop Art 'in the style of ...'
A beautiful  Japanese print entitled, "Snowspondy surfing the Great Wave of Kanagawa."
And finally, this inspiring work is entitled, 'Snowspondy's World' ...
There has been speculation for many years that the building in the distance represents the Spondy Cafe, but that was never confirmed by the artist.