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The Contest:  Make a real Snowspondy, created from real snow by real people.  Or, create, from real snow, a likeness of Spondyville's own real Snowspondys; Stiffy, Spiffy or Stiffanie.    Create them, photograph them and then either post your photo to Spondyville's Facebook page, or email the photos to: Spenser23@aol.com

If you are unfamiliar with Snowspondys, you can learn more about them here: 

You might also enjoy checking out Stiffy and Spiffy's travels around the world:

All photos submitted must be original and authentic ( NO Photoshopped images! ) and must not be taken from other source material. 

Entries should be submitted in either JPEG (jpg) or GIF formats and posted on the Spondyville Facebook page or sent to:

The contest runs from January 5th until March 4th (Spondyville's "Founder's Day"), and drawings may be submitted up until 11:59 PM Pacific time on March 4th.  Prizes will be given to one (1) entry from each of three categories;  Best Classic Snowspondy Pose, Best Family Pose with a Snowspondy and Most Creative Photo of a Snowspondy. 

Winners will be announced on March 12th.  Photos may be submitted by anyone who can pronounce Ankylosing Spondylitis or knows someone that can pronounce Ankylosing Spondylitis. 

PLEASE NOTE: Photos must be of SNOWSPONDYS,  No photos of ordinary Persons of Snow will be accepted. 

Photos will be judged on their style and artistic value by a blue ribbon panel of judges.  All entries become the property of Spondyville. 

One Grand Prize will be awarded in each category.  Grand Prize winners may chose any item from the
Spondyville Cafe Press store.

BREAKING NEWS: Due to Global Warming issues, some Spondys have requested the "Reasonable Facsimile" clause be put into effect.

The clause states that: "Should NO actual snow be available, any "REASONABLE FACSIMILE" may be accepted in its place."  This would include materials as diverse as mashed potatoes, cotton balls and/or bags of ice that have been run through the 'frappe' setting of a blender.  Since a number of locations are experiencing a serious lack of snow this year,  the "Reasonable Facsimile" clause is hereby put into effect.   Please make sure to specify that you are invoking the "Reasonable Facsimile" clause when you post your entry, otherwise the judges might mistakenly take the poor quality of your 'snow' into consideration when judging your entry.  Also please include the name of your 'reasonable facsimile' (For example: Mashed Potatoes.)