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What is the answer to the question How Many Spondys?

Well, strictly speaking (and according to figures from the Center for Disease Control), the answer is that
2.7 million Americans have some form of Spondylitis. 

But sometimes just quoting figures is not enough. 

So, here's the Big Idea:

I believe that an alternate way to answer the question,
"How Many Spondys?" is by saying, "Let's Show Them." 

Which is exactly what I propose we do in the coming months. 
I propose we visually demonstrate how big the number
2.7 million really is, so that people can grasp just how many of us there are in American alone, much less the world.
For example, did you know that it would take nearly 54 Yankee Stadiums to seat all 2.7 million American Spondys? 

Over the next year, I propose we collect bottle tops, both from beverages and from medicine bottle tops, until we have gathered 2.7 million of them.  Then, in May of 2015, we will stage a big event revealing all 2.7 million tops in such a way that it will forever dispel the notion that AS is a rare disease.  

This will, of course, be a huge and difficult task. 
(Hey, if it was easy, anybody could do it.) 

It's going to take a lot of reaching out, not only to our friends and families, but to our local communities, local organizations and corporations.  But each person or organization we contact and enroll in helping us, will give us an opportunity to, (say it with me),  raise AS awareness.  This will also take an enormous amount of coordination and logistics.  And I will be posting the finer details of the plan in the coming weeks. 

It is a nearly impossible thing to pull off, but,
I know the Spondy community can do it. 

We're Spondys, and there's no-one better to ask
to do something that's nearly impossible. 

Heck, a lot of us do the nearly impossible every single day.

Since each bottle top will represent one American with some form of Axial Spondyloarthritis, I would like each contributor to customize one (1) of the bottle tops they send it. Draw on it, paint it, put your name on it, etc. Customize anyway you like, then photograph it.  We will have a contest in December for the best customized bottle top.  When you're done customizing your top, simply toss it in with the rest of the tops you are submitting and let it be your personal representative in the Grand Finale.

And NO, this is NOT a money-raising stunt, and collecting bottle caps is NOT going to buy little Johnny an osteotomy to straighten his spine or pay for Timmy's hip replacement. 

This is not an internet hoax, my friends, it's a visual art project.

How Many Spondys? - Let's Show Them!  =  H.M.S. / L.S.T.

Now, if you're ready to get started,
Click HERE
So.   How are we going to do it? 

Well, like I said, this is a work-in-progress, and right now, we're working on the details.  As you can probably imagine, it's going to involve a LOT of logistics and a huge effort by the AS community, both online and off.  And that's where all of YOU and your friends and families come in.  We're going to need local volunteers to count and bundle together the bottle caps and store small amounts of them temporarily. 

Then, we'll send them onto regional volunteers, who will verify the count, and send them to our storage facilities. 

The bottle caps will eventually end up in NYC for the
'Big Reveal' event in May of 2015.

Right now, we're working on the location of the Grand Finale, but as soon as the location is finalized we will make a big
announcement. In the meantime, I'd love to hear your ideas.

I believe we can create the biggest, most spectacular 
AS Awareness Event EVER ... but we need to join forces and all work together for a common goal.

So,  Recruit your friends and family and your local communities and organizations.

And watch this space for further developments!
If you'd like to volunteer, send an email to:
Let us set sail on this next great adventure,
the H.M.S. Lets Show Them!