(last updated 12-17-09) 
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Long-time Resident Rick Day of Wisconsin is a second generation ASer, and one of the original Spondyvilleans.  On Saturday mornings, you can often find him at the Spondy Cafe, (that is, until his lovely wife Deanna calls him do his weekly chores around the house.).

Rick co-owns and operates a Bowling Alley and is an exceptional bowler. His story was recently featured in the SAA's Spondylitis Plus magazine.  He keeps fit by bicycling and in his spare time, is a talented photographer.  Bravo, Rick!
As one of the founders of the Spondylitis Association of AmericaJane Bruckel is not only a leader with vision and integrity, but also a fellow Spondy.  She has been a driving force for over twenty years in the pursuit of a cure for Spondylitis.  The achievements of the SAA are a testament to her dedication.

Therefore, it is with the deepest respect and admiration and an acknowledgment of the great many accomplishments she has fought so hard for as Executive Director of the
SAA, that we confer honorary Spondyville citizenship on Jane Bruckel and induct her into the Spondyville Hall of Fame.
Our second inductee is a long-time Spondyville resident, Betty, screen name: Onefineseamstress. We welcome her into the Hall of Fame.  Betty recently performed an incredibly heroic act, when the truck she is posing with in the picture, accidentally slipped out of gear, pinning her husband underneath it. Betty single-handedly rolled the truck off her hubby. And amazingly, no-one was seriously hurt.

Way to go, Betty!!
Our first inductee: Tyler Hyder.
Tyler lives and works in the state of Washington, and recently completed the Dublin Marathon, dedicating her efforts to the Spondyville Online Support Group.
Spondyville's Founders - Uriah Stoop and Elias Fuselot
To read more about Spondyville's founding fathers Click Here
Mick Mars - Musician
Rico Brogna - Baseball player
Vladimir Kramnik - Chess Champion
Karel Capek - Writer
Every so often, the Spondyville Selection committee will induct a worthy Spondyville resident and/or celebrity into the Hall of Fame.