Welcome to the Spondyville Museum of Art.
(To view the artist's work, click on their art.)
To view the artist's work, click on their art.
Anna West
Susan Gauthier
Richard Day
Garden Girl
Jennifer Dye Visscher
Jennifer's wonderful Apple-a-Day blog to raise AS Awareness is not to be missed! Two of her more notable apples are below. (My "Guest" apple is on the right.)
And now featured in
More Spondyvillean Art.

One of our residents, Bob (screen name: myorca2003) has graciously allowed us to display three of his pieces.  In the South Wing Gallery we continue showing two pictures by Laura (screen name: Bullysmom). Enjoy.

If you would like to see more of Bob's work, you can visit his website at: http://www.myorca.com
Thanks to all the artists for allowing us to display your work.
If you're a Spondy artist and wish to be included on this page, contact: Spenser23@aol.com