Here in the poetry nook, we will feature original poems, both serious and comic, written by the residents of Spondyville.
Our first poem is by Sandi  (Likebeagles)

I have Spondylitis
Does my world stand still?
My body is aching
But my mind is not ill

I lacked so much knowledge
It bothered me so
In search for some answers
To the Web I shall go

After much surfing
Spondyville's what I find
A place to ask questions
And the people are kind

I join this fine club
And I'm happy for that
The "Spondy Cafe"
Is our Saturday chat

They make you so happy
They can surely relate
Good times had by all
And the breakfast is great

So if you need some support
And some laughter and smiles
Join us at the Cafe
come sit for awhile

So please don't delay
join up in a jiffy
and meet our Mascot
A Snowspondy named " Stiffy"

He's a very kind snowman
and would love to meet you
For like the rest of us
He has Spondylitis too

   Sandi (Likebeagles)

This poem is by Margaret

A Portrait

Pain is persistent
It won't take "no" for an answer
It won't succumb to palliatives
It won't be subdued
It is obstinate
It is reckless
It is unsympathetic
It is unconquerable
One has to admire its stamina.

Margaret Loeffler

Spenser writes:

Okay, there I was, lying in the hospital bed last week, trying to cope with another bout of cellulitis, receiving Intravenous antibiotics and continuing hyperbaric chamber treatments for my leg wounds. The Television had not been hooked up yet, so I was listening to a CD of The Raymond Scott Quintet, one of my favorite groups from the 1930's and 40's ... one of the songs was titled, "Yesterday's Ice-cubes are water today."  So I start making up this poem,  using the title of the song as the first line of the poem, but not having pen and paper handy, I had to just keep repeating it over and over in my head as I made it up ... thankfully the next day I was able to jot it down ...  

Yesterday's icecubes are water today,
What once was cool has melted away,
Evaporation must come to us all,
Back up to the clouds so the rain can then fall,
Fall to the stream, flow to the river,
from faucet to freezer we soon start to shiver,
We're back being icecubes,
don't know where or when,
we just know the process starts over again,
Our minds try to tell us there is only the Now,
As if Life after Now is a fiction somehow,
But the soul goes on being,
though each time here is fleeting,
To glimpse the eternal,
well ... that would be cheating,
For we are just icecubes,
at being cool, we're the best,
We can understand melting,
but have to trust all the rest.


 "A Day without Pain"

If I could live a day without pain,
I'd treasure each moment and never complain.

If I could live a day without pain,
I'd smile at strangers and dance in the rain.

If I could live a day without pain,
I'd sing every chorus and every refrain.

If I could live a day without pain,
I'd help an old woman safely onto a train.

If I could live a day without pain,
I'd be more productive and enjoy Life again.

If I could live a day without pain,
I'd look till I found you and shared every gain.

If I could live a day without pain,
I'd be so excited I might go insane.

But when the day's over and all's said and done,
I'd want to remember that on that day ... I won.


These poems are by an anonymous resident of Spondyville


Until now
There was me alone.
Until now
There were no dirty bras in my laundry.
Until now
There was no makeup in my medicine cabinet.

No laughing eyes
Looking deeply into mine.
No silken hair
To run my fingers through.
No girlish hip curve
For me to lovingly caress.

No stop to my open.
No pause to my free reign.

No reason to get out of bed.
No reason to stay in bed.

No you.

Until now.


Seoul Food

walking down a street in Seoul,
back in the early Seventies,
a crowd gathers behind us, 
full of curiosity. 
curiosity due, we finally surmise,
to the blonde-haired dancer in our troupe.
fingers gently poke at her to see if she's real.
we escape down a side street and hide in a cafe,
only to learn the intestinal dangers of kimchee.


The key phrase,
having been uttered,
unlocks the automatic time portals
And my mind steps obediently into the past
engulfed in visions of earlier romantic pursuits
only to be brought back to the present
with a head snapping suddeness
by your silence and the intensity of your gaze.

I pretend not to be startled
But your growing smile
tells me that you know
exactly where I've been.


loose brown
pine needles
surrender to the wind
drifting down from
gnarled branches

hiking boots
snap small twigs
on the dirt path

withered leaves
crackle underfoot
as we
the forest.


I will never love you
As much as I love you, (the you I dream of)
I will never feel as comforted by you
As I do by you, (the you I dream of)
The joy that sings from my heart when I'm with you,
is silence compared to the joy given to me minute by minute by you
(the you I dream of)
And the truth is,
I will never need you
As much as I need you (the you I dream of)


Ossip liked to play all day
He'd cling to toys they'd take away
His toy piano on his knee
Plinking notes from A to G
Plinkedy-bam he'd play and hit
Happy mad then sad a bit
While clovers grow in fields of grass
Ossip flowers from his past.

All poems on this page copyright 2002 by their respective authors.
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