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                          Announcing The 2012 Spondyville Whack-a-Doc Awards!!

These awards, also known as "The Whackys" are given to deserving members of the medical profession for their performances over the past year. There is also a lifetime achievement award given out, the Uriah Stoop medal, (named for one of the co-founders of Spondyville.) This award recognizes a medical professional for a sustained body of 'work'.

Nominations may be submitted by any Spondyville resident.

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the 2011 RESULTS PAGE here:

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Nominations for the Whack-a-Doc awards are accepted in the following categories:

Whack-a-Support Staff
Whack-a-Health Care Provider
Lifetime Achievement (The Uriah Stoop Award)

This year's Whack-a-Doc and Praise-a-Doc awards will be announced on July 20th. 
The Deadline for submissions is Friday June 30th. Send submissions:

This year's esteemed judging panel consists of:

Mr Spenser23 -
Co-Chair, Spondyville Academy for the Whacky Arts.

Marie Strumpell -
Co-Chair, Spondyville Academy for the Whacky Arts.

Emily Winklesnot - Emily replaced last year's disgraced judge, Ms. Di Agnosis, and did an excellent job so she has been invited back.  Emily is the current Ms. Spondyville and a public relations specialist at the Spondyville Health-a-teria health food store. She is the great-grand-daughter of Edgar Winklesnot, the purveyor of Winklesnot's Rheumatiz Elixir, which, for many years was made in a factory on the outskirts of Spondyville.


DISCLAIMER: These 'awards' are NOT affiliated with, nor connected in ANY way with, The Spondylitis Association of America, and the lampooning of specific doctors does not necessarily represent the views or opinions of the Spondylitis Association of America, their support groups, the SAA staff or the SAA board of directors. Spondyville, (i.e., the Silly Spondy running it), is solely responsible for the poking of fun and/or good-natured ridicule directed towards the nominated doctors and/or support staffs and Health Care Providers. Remember, Health Care Providers, Laughter is the best medicine, so Spondyville figures we're saving you guys a fortune in medical payouts, you'd otherwise be obligated to make ...
Play the original Spondyville  Whack-a-Doc Game at the Spondyville Fairgrounds by clicking here:
Send your nominations for this year's awards to:  Spenser23@aol.com
Of course,  if Whacking Docs isn't your thing, you can also submit your nominations to the Spondyville Praise-a-Doc Awards, honoring the Doctors we cherish.
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