Spondyville and Stiffy the SnowSpondy
The beautiful art-deco Spondyville Bijou
Spondyville circa 1950.  Note: The Pharoah's Needle shown here is a tribute to fellow Spondy, Ramses II.   It was later moved to Fuselot Park (See below)  in order to make way for construction of the Marie Strumpell building.
Spondyville's biggest tourist attraction - Mount Spondymore.
Stiffy the Snowspondy onced posed for Louis Comfort Tiffany
Spondyville has seen many changes through the years ...
Spondyville circa 1875
(about 8 months after the founding of the town.)
Spondyville - circa 1929
Spondyville Virtual Walk - Stop #1

Ankylosing Spondylitis is one of the oldest diseases known to mankind.  At least two Egyptian Pharoahs had AS.  It was first recognized as a separate disease from Rheumatoid Arthritis as far back as Ancient Roman times.  You can learn more about the (mostly true) history of AS by going here:


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