"Spondyville, Pimp my Walker!"
Welcome to the
Spondyville Garage and WhupAS Customizing Shoppe.
"We'll WhupAS to pimp your walker!"

This is where residents of Spondyville go to have their walkers and mobility scooters "pimped up" and given a little extra "bling-bling" by "WhupAS" customizers. 
(WhupAS Customizing is a division of the "Flying AS" gas company, Spondyville, U.S.A.)

(Note:  Don't tell anyone, but the Lube pits of the Spondyville Garage are also the home of the
"Oldest Established Permanent Standing Crap Game in Spondyville", as seen through this hole in the back fence.)
The Spondyville Garage and Whup AS Customizing Shoppe
is always proud to show off work done by their customers. 

Here is Spondyville resident Breez Vladescu's beautiful self-customized wheelchair.
Great job, Breez!!

If YOU have customized your wheelchair, walker or mobility scooter, show us!  Send pictures of how you've 'pimped your ride' to: