<Stiffy sails down the Seine past the Eiffel Tower with his pal, comedian Michael Rakosi.
Below: The Place Vendome.
Nottingham, England
Abbey Garden
Prague,  The Czech Republic
ASIF conference - 2007
Florence, Italy
Brussels, Belgium
< While in Prague for the ASIF conference, Goodwill Ambassador Stiffy the Snowspondy, confers with Marjan HUDOMALJ, M.Sc., the President of the AS Society of Slovenia.
Spiffy always has time to entertain the troops ... Here he is joking around with a group of soldiers from the Italian Army.
< Spiffy and his pal, Lisa Sohmer, enjoy the Porcellino at the famous Straw Market in Florence.
New!! Spiffy the Snowspondy in Bulgaria!!
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Stiffy and his pal, Michael Rakosi pause for some spiritual reflection at the famous Sinogoga in Florence.
Like any seasoned traveller, Stiffy knows the importance of making friends with the flight crew. This British Airlines pilot and stewardesses couldn't have been more friendly and accommodating.
Hello, World!
Niagra Falls ... from the Canadian side.
Stiffy waves to the Maid of the Mist.
Stiffy was a little reluctant to go on the enormous ferris wheel, but later, as you can see from the picture below, he found the view was just as enjoyable while sitting on top of his new friend's head.
Our favorite Snowspondy knows that international diplomacy is all about making one new friend at a time.
Stiffy is jumping for joy, because he just heard the Hotel Restaurant serves the best Bratwurst in all of Europe.
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As part of his campaign for President in 2008, Stiffy visited Iraq on a fact-finding mission.  Stiffy shows no fear of sniper fire as he waves to the crowd on his arrival.
Stiffy inspects some of our own weapons of mass destruction.
Stiffy dreams of being a "Top Gun."
Stiffy supports the troops. Here he personally thanks one of our brave men in uniform for his service.
Stiffy notes that in the sweltering heat of Summer, the Green Zone can sometimes look awfully Brown.
Stiffy enjoys the view from the tip of an F-16.
Stiffy, just hanging around the ready room.
Athens, Greece
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An Air France crew shows their hospitality.
Near the bridge in Avignon.
ENGLAND (United Kingdom)
The cliffs of Moher in Ireland
Stiffy was recently a guest of honor at Charlie Foulke's daughter, Rosie's birthday party in Catford, UK.
Stiffy visits Covent Garden in London
Stiffy loved seeing Trafalgar Square.
^ Stiffy marvels at the old Clock Tower, a local landmark of the village of Lindley in Yorkshire. The clock chimes every 15 minutes ... (which explains why everyone is Lindley is sleep-deprived.)
^ Daisy Lea Lane, one of the most expensive streets to live on in Yorkshire, England. (Looks very upper crusty, doesn't it?)
^ Stiffy the Snowspondy at an English train station on his way to Yorkshire.
The second most important landmark in Lindley; the Butcher! (Stiffy thinks about the musical Sweeney Todd and passes on the meat pies.)
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