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Stiffy the Snowspondy in the land Down Under!
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Thanks to Sandi (aka Winelover) for the following pics!!
Thanks to JimV for the following pics!!
Jim's lovely niece gets a
Snowspondy Birthday greeting!
Stiffy consults with the famous Australian Rheumatology professor, Matthew Brown.
Stiffy on the beautiful beach at Maroochydore.
Stiffy was in good hands with the Aussie Lifeguards.
Stiffy on the barge going to Fraser Island
Stiffy overcomes his fears and checks out the clear blue water of Lake Manchester on Fraser Island with a lovely Irish tourist named Fay.
Stiffy admires the beautiful Cooloola Colored Sands.
On the road again ...
Stiffy with hosts JimV and Heather on the Fraser Island trip.