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The results are in!!

The nominees for 2008 Whack-a-support staff:

a) X-ray technicians who secretly laugh at patients,
b) Primary care staff who always forget to do referrals.
c) Nurses who insist you take the wrong medicine.

And the whack goes to:

For their portrayal of insensitive, immature jerks ...
It's the X-ray technicians!

This year's Whack-a-Health Care provider award will NOT be given out as the nominees were all equally deserving and split the votes. Therefore, the academy has decided to mete out a Whack to ALL the nominees.

Congratulations Health Care Providers!

This year, the Lifetime achievement award (The Uriah Stoop medal) goes to a deserving doctor who told his Spondy patient that what she was experiencing was just "Menopause" and that she was "sensitive to pain".

May this medal and the spirit of Spondyville co-founder, Uriah Stoop, hang around this doctor's neck, like an albatross, forever.

And finally ...

The nominees for the 2008 Whack-a-Doc:

Dr. X for: "Spondys don't get flares..."
Dr. Y for: "Why did you come, you don't listen"
Dr. Z for: "You have it, you don't have it."
Dr. A for: "You don't have AS, you have Baker's cysts"

And this year, the whack goes to:

DR. Y for his portrayal of a petulant, screaming idiot!!


Congratulations to all the Whackees
and Thanks to all those who submitted nominations!!
See you next year for the 2nd Annual Whackys!!