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              The 2010 results are in!!

The winner for this year's Whack-a-Support Staff are:

The Doctor's receptionist that told a Spondyvillean,
"Sorry, we don't do referrals on Tuesdays."

The Whack-a-Health Organization prize this year goes to Anth*m Bl** Cr*ss of C*l*f*rn*a for their proposal, (which goes into effect in May), for raising premium rates on their customers from an average of 25 percent, up to as high as 39 percent. A THIRTY-NINE PERCENT INCREASE??!!  Are you kidding me???!!

In the opinion of the judges, that’s deserving of multiple Whacks!

The Uriah Stoop Life Achievement Award is shared this year by two doctors, who between them, took fifty (50!) years to give one of our Spondyvilleans a proper diagnosis.

And finally, this year’s Whack-a-Doc award is a tie!!


(Their stories are told by the Spondyvilleans who nominated them.)

Dr. X -
"My GP sent me to Dr. X because she specializes in spondyloarthropathies and my GP thought I had Reactive arthritis.  So, after a mountain of paperwork and a referral, I get into see her.  It's like getting into Fort Knox.  At this point my disease is very, very active.  It takes everything in me to walk.  Long story short - she tells me that I don't have a rheumatic disease.  She thinks I've got cancer or a long standing systemic allergic reaction going on.  Maybe I should take antihistimimes and see what happens?  She refers me to an allergy/immunologist (who actually helped shed some light on things) but he thought 100% I have a rheumatic disease and she ended up looking like a idiot to a colleague.  And scaring the crap out of me about the possibility of cancer ..."

And Dr. YZ:
“Went to the doctor due to an slightly infected finger. The infection, although low grade, was on the index finger on my left hand. Ordinarily, I would not have gone in, but since I am taking MTX and Orencia, I decided to have it looked at just in case. Dr. YZ looked at my finger and told me to soak it in warm water and it should clear up. I explained to Dr. YZ that the infection had been there for 3 weeks and that I had indeed been soaking it in warm water and using an ointment on it for the last week. I explained that I had an Orencia treatment coming up and that it was important to have any infection checked as they (my rheumy’s staff), asked me each time if I had ANY infection before I was given my infusion. Dr. YZ informed me that she had not heard of Orencia (there is a computer in the room) and that my finger was fine. I informed her Orencia was one of two  immune suppressant drugs that I was on, used to treat pain and inflammation. She once again told me that my finger was fine.

The following week: I went in to receive my treatment and of course was asked if I had any problems, although tempted to say no, I did tell them that my finger was a tiny bit sore. The nurse looked at it and had the head nurse look at it and informed me that this was indeed infected. So, no treatment for me!

I go back to Dr. YZ.  She walks in the room and ask me what the problem was. I tell her that I was not able to get my Orencia treatment because of my finger. She tells me once again that the finger looks fine.  I explain that I could not receive the medication that helps me to function because of her being unwilling to treat me. My finger at this point is slightly worse than before, but honestly, not a major problem, other than it is standing between me and proper treatment. Dr. YZ tells me that there is not a problem, pretty much telling me once again that I was wasting her time and mine. She does however give me a course of antibiotics to be taken every 6 hours for 5 days. I am now in significant pain since I have been taken off mtx as well.

A week later, the antibiotics help some but is very clear that I probably should be on for a couple more days, Dr. YZ disagrees and gives me the all clear in the office, but does not write it in my file. She still treats me as if I am wasting her time, telling me that my finger was, and is fine. I schedule my next appointment for my Orencia treatment, but can not set it up because they need a note from my doctor saying that I am cleared for treatment (HMO with every doctor having access to notes from appointment)  Called back Dr. YZ's office, even though she attempts to make me feel like a hypochondriac she insists that I come into the office (another co-pay) she announces again that she does not see a problem but gives me another prescription of the same medicine, by this time, I am in a lot of pain and l tell her that I need to get this cleared up due to the interference it has on the treatment that is necessary (for my AS), and that works for me. Is there another antibiotic that I can take that does not require me to get up every 6 hours, since I am in pain and am having trouble sleeping? No!  We need to stick with what has worked and she shares her concern about the over use of antibiotics with me. I asked her if she could give the meds for a little longer giving them enough time to work. She refuses!

Week 2: Finger is looking a little better. Make the appointment for Orencia for 10 days later, there first opening. Any improvement with my finger is going away fast but when I get my appointment I keep it and when asked if I have any problems, I tell them about the treatment instead of talking about the problem. I get my infusion as I am now in soooo much pain and super stiff. I order my mtx but I notice the finger is throbbing. Visually the finger is still a low level infection but now my finger nail has ridges and pits and is purplish a third of the way up. This time I call my rheumys office, speaking with her nurse (last time they took away my mtx and said no to pred until infection is cleared up, but sent me to my pcp for treatment) She carefully listens to my symptoms and comes back with a name for my problems (paronychia). Nurse informs me to call Dr. YZ and tell her what it is and maybe ask for a different treatment, well you can all probably guess how that went. Another appointment, another co-pay, same attitude, same prescription. Of course, I requested another doctor especially, when I found out the treatment is likely to be oral anti-fungal for up to three months with a cream. I missed two infusions, 4 weeks of mtx and basically lived on nsaids without any significant relief and not one time did this doctor show any care or concern for my increased pain or my increasing limited flexibility. She continued to make me feel like I was wasting her precious time, while insisting that I come in so that she could sneer at me. I doubt that she ever looked up orencia to become more familiar with the side effects. Through out the 6 weeks that I had to deal with her, she kept insisting that nothing was wrong with me. But when I asked her to fill out a form for my job, she wrote that my health was just FAIR."

Congratulations, Doctors, you two Whackees prove our point; that Docs deserving of whacking are all around us!

Congratulations to all our Whackees.

Nominations for next year may be submitted by email to: SPENSER23@aol.com


DISCLAIMER: These 'awards' are NOT affiliated with, nor connected in ANY way with, The Spondylitis Association of America, and the lampooning of specific doctors does not necessarily represent the views or opinions of the Spondylitis Association of America, their support groups, the SAA staff or the SAA board of directors. Spondyville, (i.e., the Silly Spondy running it), is solely responsible for the poking of fun and/or good-natured ridicule directed towards the nominated doctors and/or support staffs and Health Care Providers. Remember, Health Care Providers, Laughter is the best medicine, so Spondyville figures we're saving you guys a fortune in medical payouts, you'd otherwise be obligated to make ...


                 Congratulations to all the Whackees!
        Thanks to all those who submitted nominations!!

        See you next year for the 4th Annual Whackys!!