The 2008 Spondlympics
The Psoriatic Spondylitis section of Spondyville, known as Scalytown is proud to host the 2008 Spondlympics

The games will take place in the Flaking neighborhood of Scalytown.

(pronounced FLAY-JING) has been an integral part of Scalytown for as long as anyone can remember.
Scalytown - The flakiest place on Earth
Events at the 2008 Spondlympics include: 

The Hop Trip and Fall

Badmitten - The Ugliest Glove Competition

Rhythmic Elastics - Dancing with Ace Bandages

The 1500 meter limp

Scootering - long distance electric wheelchairs

Synchronized stiffening

(Putting off till tomorrow what you can't lift today )

(Ashley, Naomi and Wynnona are used as game pieces )

Archery - Contestants try to Arch their backs

Fencing - Building Picket Partitions

Beach Colleyflower:
(Eating your vegetables while the tide comes in ...)

Softball - Poor Testicular Density Competition

Greco-Roman Grocery Reachers

The Hipthalon - Hip Replacement Endurance