Travels with Spiffy
Another Snowspondy adventure!
Spiffy in Thailand and Japan
(Thanks to MarkD for the photos!)
Spiffy was NOT, repeat, NOT naked in the above picture. He was wearing his scarf around his waist, which was cropped out of this photo. The Marijuana sign in the background is completely coincidential.

<He did, however, remove his scarf in the privacy of his hotel room, while having his morning orange juice.
Spiffy in Tokyo, Japan
Spiffy with the statue of "Hachiko", a well-known landmark in Shibuya.
Spiffy the Snowspondy on Vacation - 2009
(Thanks to Kurt for chronicling his adventure)
Beautiful Lake Cushman in Washington state
Packed and ready for some hiking and rock-climbing!
Hey, that wasn't so tough ... Nothing to this mountain-climbing stuff ...
Sure he looks like a sheep, but what if it's a mountain goat in disguise?!!
Wild Mountain Goats?!! ARRRRGHHH!!
Safe and sound ... Waiting for the 3:00 Kayak ...