The children of people with AS often have funny ways of dealing with their parent having a chronic disease.  Here are a few examples:
(Submitted by Mrye4709)

Top 5 ways to tell the kids are spending too much time with a Spondy:

5.Hopscotch is played without the hop.

4.Ring-around-the-rosie is played without the falling down part.

3.The kids think "ughh" is a word used alot in the Dr. Seuss books.
(I had spasms during story time)

2. My 4 yr old tells me that she can't pick up her toys because her back hurts and she can't bend that far.
1. My 2 yr old comes out of the bedroom using a broken plastic hanger as a cane.
Submitted by Charlie:

My little girl toddles about with my cane. In fact, she has just learned how to get them out of the stand where I keep them.  So all of a sudden, there she is waving one around! Unfortunately she uses them as an offensive weapon rather than a walking aid. Great for hitting things!
Submitted by MomtoRhi:

My 5 year old went through a phase last year when she was treating all her "patients" for migraines and spondylitis.
Submitted by LilBlueSmurf:

My 11 year old has pulled the old "My back hurts so I don't have to clean my room" scam.

Submitted by JeninCincy:
After I had a UTI, my then 4 year old daughter named her stuffed animal "Infection."
Submitted by Avonldy:

A few years ago when my granddaughter was being toilet trained, I was having a severe colitis flare. The older sister told the younger, who had an accident, that it was "ok cause grandma wasn't toilet trained yet either". I didn't know if I should laugh or cry, I was too busy running to the bathroom.
Submitted by Rach:

My 7 year old used to put the tubes from the inside of toilet paper rolls on her wrists when she was 2 or 3, so they were like Mummy's wrist splints.

When she wipes up a spill she drops the cloth on the floor and moves it around with her foot!

She asks me to make cookies etc and adds at the end "if you can manage, otherwise don't worry"
Submitted by KellyChristal:

My daughter tells me daily, "Mommy I am hurting, I can't pick up those toys."

She also will randomly ask me, "Mommy, can I get you an ice pack, it looks like you need one for your back."

Then she proceeds to go to the freezer to get me that ice pack.

Sometimes I wonder what damage I am doing to her. I have tried to limit my complaining around her, but then again, I do hope my illness will help instill compassion for others in my children.
Submitted by Mom2many:

Sometimes my 5 year old says she can't do something because her 'knees hurt.'

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