Welcome to Spondyville's newest attraction:
Spondyberry Farm!!

(Thanks to Mikwondo for permission to open the franchise here.)
Located on the outskirts of Spondyville, on 200 acres of what used to be known as Fibromyalgia Field, Spondyberry Farm is an Amusement Park tailored to the needs and interests of the residents of Spondyville.

As you can see from the Postcard,
Spondyberry Farm features the World Famous "Monotonater", the roller coaster designed with Spondys in mind.

Just a few short feet from what has been called the
"World's most boring roller coaster", is the Over-sized Miniature Golf Course, featuring the Famous "Invisible Windmill." This course uses hi-tech toaster technology to pop balls out of their holes so that Spondys don't have to bend down after a successful putt. The course also features the only Par One holes in existence.
                                                       (Three of them are visible on the postcard.)

On the extreme right of the postcard, you can see

Stiffy's Spondy Log Flume
ride. (Logs not visible in postcard.)

Other features of the Park include:

Intravenous Alley
; where young Spondys can learn what it's like to get Anti-Tumor Necrosis Factor drugs, just like the grown-ups!

Spondy Bumper Cars!
All cars come complete with helmets, triple-extra-padding and indvidually padded driving areas. Spectator helmets also available.

In the
Penny Arcade, youngsters can literally bet their lives on the fun-filled Remedy Roulette!  Or take their chances in the Video Arcade playing a rousing game of Grand Theft: Spondy.

In the Nostalgic,
"Days of Yesteryear" area of Spondyberry Farm, you can visit "Ye Olde Apothecary Shoppe" and sample some of the quack cures that our ancestors once used, in their futile attempts to assuage their suffering in the time before NSAIDS.

Next door is the
Medical Device Hall of Shame, including the old electric magnets scam from the 1890's. and the "atomic back un-fuser" from the 1950's.

At the many souvenir stands, you can buy official
Spondyberry Farm copper bracelets, (one size fits all), and everybody's favorite; magnet therapy key chains.
(Kids, don't leave them next to the computer!)
So, come out and visit:

Spondyberry Farm!
only Theme Park designed with Spondys in mind"

NEWS: Spondyberry Farm had it's official Grand Opening over the 4th of July weekend. (Complete with a rousing Fireworks display!)

In following with the
Spondyville tradition, reclining bleachers and prism binoculors were provided to all residents of Spondyville who couldn't look up to see the fireworks.

P.S. The rumor that the headlining act at the
Spondyberry Farm "Grand Ole Spondy" Concert Hall on opening weekend was going to be a certain "motley crue" ... sadly, turned out to be false. The group was actually a cover band made up of fashion conscious sailors who called themselves, "Model-y Cruise" ...
Oh well, maybe next year ...

Thanks to Matt for his assistance in getting this page created.).