The Old Fairgrounds
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A History of the Old Fairgrounds:

At the turn of the Twentieth Century, in order to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of Spondyville, Uriah Stoop and his partners, built an exposition and fair on the small mesa outside of town, which eventually became Spondy Moon Park. This early amusement park delivered Victorian era family style fun. It was an immediate sensation, even inspiring a hit song, "Spondy Moon", whose verse goes:
                                                                      "It's only a Spondy Moon,
                                                                         Reflected in my sloe gin fizz,
                                                                         But I'm not feelin' my Rheumatiz,
                                                                         Cuz I started drinkin' at noon."
1904 saw the opening of a new attraction at Spondy Moon Park; The Rheumys' Dungeon.  Spectators settled onto a comfy settee for a scary ride down to Hades to see the future fate of their doctors. Once there, green-faced midgets in devil costumes adorned with copper bracelets, tortured the "quackers" by hooking them up to their own electro-magnetic devices after thoroughly pelting them with tomatoes and other members of the nightshade family.

In 1907, the food concessions at the park were awarded to a health advocate named Q.T. McFudden, who substituted carrot juice for the newly popular Coca-Cola and sold all manner of starch-less snacks instead of the more traditional hotdogs and cotton candy.  This resulted in the infamous "Starch Riots", in which Spondy Moon Park was completely burned to the ground.

Three years later, Uriah Stoop's brother, the entrepeneur Ulysses Stoop, cleared away the debris of Spondy Moon Park and pitched his first circus tent.  The Stoop Circus featured both traditional circus acts and what was known as "Human Oddities."  With the moxie of a P.T. Barnum, U. Stoop showcased unusual acts such as the one featured in this poster, "The World's Most Normal Man."  

(Below is the only known color photograph of the original Spondys information booth at the fairgrounds.)
In 1918, after the end of WWI, the Stoop Circus merged with Stiffy the Snowspondy's Numbing North Show to form The Stoop and Stiffy All-Star Revue Extravaganza.  This merger proved to be an ideal one, and eventually, the Extravaganza earned the title, The Greatest Show in Spondyville.  The 1929 version introduced two of the most popular attractions of all time, The Dunk-a-Nurse game, and the ever-popular, Whack-a-Doc.
After a corporate takeover in 1989 by Spondycorp International, the fairgrounds became the permanent home of Spondyland, an historical recreation of the original Spondy Moon Park and the Stoop and Stiffy Extravaganza.  Now, due to popular demand, you can recapture the thrill of the authentic Whack-a-Doc game, as Spondyland is proud to present the one and only Original Whack-a-Doc!!
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Rheumatologists ... can't be properly diagnosed without 'em.   A Rheumy is the right person to call if you suspect you have Spondylitis. They have the training and expertise to diagnose and treat AS ... In a perfect world, Rheumys would have all the answers and their knowledge and judgments would be accepted without question.  But in the real world of AS treatment, sometimes one gets a Rheumy that doesn't listen or hangs onto to theories which have long been disproven, (Like AS being a 'Man's disease.'), or doesn't find a need to treat AS aggressively.   If you should encounter a doctor like that, do not hesitate to get a second opinion.  Doctors, while trained professionals, are human and fallible.  If you feel they are not serving your interests, find a doctor that will. That being said, a trained medical doctor should be trusted more than Aunt Ruth or your barber who shares his sure-cure for arthritis with you.  The internet is a wonderful place to find information, but always remember there is a lot of misinformation on the internet as well, so choose your sources of information wisely.  The best source online for accurate information about Spondylitis and its related diseases is The Spondylitis Association of America: www.StopAS.org   or  www.Spondylitis.org

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